Safety and reliability for your parking needs and goods movement.

The journey of Fimac Lift began over 30 years ago, thanks to Cristian Poltronieri’s passion and expertise in the semi-automatic parking system industry.

His expertise and dedication, shared with his wife Fiorella and handed down to his sons, Matteo and Andrea, make Fimac Lift a benchmark for both the Italian and the international market.

Fimac Lift offers a wide range of semi-automatic parking solutions: driver on board car lifts, which ensure a safe and easy access to the car park; automated parking systems, designed to optimise spaces and industrial freight elevators. A wide range of customisable products to be able to meet every single need.

Not only design and installation. Our clients’ complete satisfaction is the main purpose of our job. That’s why we offer an excellent customer service and a prompt, effective maintenance service able to meet each necessity.

Fimac Lift solutions are in compliance with the highest European standards:


Machinery Directive

Electromagnetic compatibility
(EMC Directive)

Low Voltsage Directive
(LVD Directive)

Catalogo ascensori per auto, montacarichi e parcheggi meccanizzati

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It’s an up-to-date overview of our wide range of automated parking solutions and freight elevators, where you will easily find everything you need for your parking necessities.